We recall that Mnuchin was a movie producer. And we have been told to "enjoy the show". That's hard to do for those of us who are awake to the decades of evil and corruption.

But I can see how the bad guys are being set up for a fall. And much of the happenings are for those who are not awake, to give them a wake up call.

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What is a movie

A visual interpretation of a script

An interpretation by the director

Approved by the producer

Do scripts change

Are all movies great

What makes great movies

Great actors

The ending won't be for everyone

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Nice work Patriot.

Tony Stark's character story is definitely a redemption arc. You forgot to mention that the movie Avengers: End Game is set in the year 2023 and in the plot of the movie random people drop dead suddenly. Sound familiar? COVID vaccine induced illnesses.

This top-grossing movie of all time was written in 2015 and premiered in April, 2019 but, somehow it predicted the physical and emotional loss we would experience of random people dropping dead suddenly in 2023? This can't be a coincidence. What else does Marvel Studios know about The Silent War?

Isn't it also curious that Marvel has produced nothing but a string of over-the-top woke turds for movies during Biden's administration? This seems like an intentional effort to help push the enemy's ridiculous gay nazi agenda off the edge of the cliff before Trump comes back and the country returns to our traditional values.

Have you considered writing an article about the similarities of Trump and the Patriots' plan and the Bible? Please steal any of my theories or observations.

1. For example, in Trump's first term he was a sacrificial lamb. Indictments, impeachment, stolen elections. In Trump's second term there will be judgment. Trump promises "retribution." That sounds like a New Testament inspired plan to me.

2. And, as in the days of Noah, God warned His people to seek refuge in the Ark of the Covenant but, those who did not listen drowned in God's wrath. Trump, Q and The Patriots have been warning those who will listen to seek refuge in the truth before it's too late. Many did not listen then, many are not listening now.

3. The Great Awakening is The Great Commission. The 'red pill' is learning that the enemy worships Satan. Literally. We were called to spread the red pill gospel around the world to anyone who would listen. The Invisible Enemy is sin. Notice how the enemy is always attempting to push us all into sin and away from God. The enemy hates Jesus.

4. Why call Trump's new social media platform TRUTH Social? Jesus said I am the way, the TRUTH and the life. When the American public is forced to choose between continuing with the Globalists or America First, is Trump counting on the public to choose the TRUTH, Christ Jesus, to be our Savior?

5. NCSWIC. Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing can stop The Second Coming of Christ.

Q told us "it's going to be biblical." Why wouldn't God fearing people and militaries around the world use the Bible to defeat these Satanic worshiping Globalists? It works.

Thank you for fighting for God, family and country Biernutz.

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Wow really refreshing read! Loved this analogy alot. Thanks for bringing it!!

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Crying....praying it be....Biblical.....Thanks you for your writings!

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I am not a follower of the Avengers series except for Guardians of the Galaxy because it is a movie I first watched with my son.

While watching GOTG 3 yesterday with him, a big switch went off in my head when I saw the kids in cages. Quickly I remembered how this particular narrative has never faded away ever since DJT was inaugurated.

I realize I am probably very late to this realization due to waiting so long to watch the movie, but it is in line with your article.

Keep up the good work.

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I’m going to rewatch Ironman. Not a big Marvel fan but did like Ironman and though RD did a great job

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Thank you Mr. Nutz!

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I wonder if Steve Mnuchin helped the Army create the "ghost in the machine" video?

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Hello Biernutz_71 ! 🙋‍♂️🇫🇷

Thank you for this articulated article for the Marvel usual watcher I'm !

I take advantage of this comment to ask you about HOW you perceive the way the CHILDREN are staged and symbolized (their "appearance", their language and their relationship with the heroes) in the "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3"

Their presence seems to be preeminent and their simbolism very powerful !

To convey a subtil message to the public, to awake some of the spectators ??

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