Trump's Gambit

Trumps Gambit

We have heard it said many times that Donald J Trump is a master chess player; a master at 3D or even 5D chess. I wonder if Trump even likes playing chess. This one thing I do believe, the 45th President always seems to be no less than 5 steps ahead of his enemies and has a remarkable ability to predict when and where his enemies will make their next move.

I will admit that I am not the most knowledgeable chess fan. The word fan is probably even a stretch. However, I did play the game quite a bit with my dad when I was younger. I never won many games, and if I did, it was usually by dumb luck. Knowing what I know now I can tell you that I failed because I was unable to do two important things: 1) being able to think many moves ahead & 2) predict my opponent’s next move. As I grow older, I have tried to get better at both abilities and also try to get my opponent to make the moves I want them to make. Some people are just naturals at it. I am not one of these people, but I believe Donald Trump is.

A recent Netflix miniseries called The Queens Gambit is a fascinating fictional series about the game of chess and in particular a young woman’s ascension into the mastery of the game. It was truly a great watch and cinematic delight in many ways. I highly encourage anyone who still has a Netflix account to watch it (argh). There were a couple of very interesting scenes that caught my attention and I immediately began to form a correlation; an analogy that I think explains events from January 2021 until now in simplest of chess terms.

On Jan 20th 2021 we were all shocked that Trump just walked away. This behavior was both contradictory to what we know of Trump’s character and a dereliction of duty (at least) by POTUS who repeatedly predicted that his enemies would cheat and steal an election. In chess terms it would be the equivalent of toppling your King in defeat. But as events continue to unfold it becomes increasingly apparent that Trump did not lose the chess match, but in fact had already won.

You see, I learned from watching the Queens Gambit that in chess tournament play, it is often the courteous thing to whisper “I resign” to your opponent when it is mutually agreed there is no way for you to win. Often, they will use terms like “mate in 6” or “mate in 10” to indicate that in 6 moves or in 10 moves you will be checkmated and there is no point in continuing. It is possible to continue in hopes that your opponent makes a careless mistake, but that is seen as rude and disrespectful. It is also customary to shake your opponent’s hand but is not a rule. In the Netflix mini-series the main character Beth had to be taught these nuances and in turn I learned them as well.

When I look back on the events surrounding the November 2020 election fraud, the ensuing appointments Trump made just prior to his leaving, and the curious announcement on December 23rd by then acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller, I am convinced we witnessed the end of the Chess game. It was on this date two days before Christmas that Sec. Miller thanks Mike Pence for his involvement in the “Most Complex Military Operation in History.” I will not go into detail about all that I have researched this last year, but I believe this is when Team Trump declared “Mate in 10 or 11 months” and it was understood by BOTH sides that the game was lost by the Deep State.

The difference between the Deep State opponent we are against and the numerous felled opponents of Beth is that the Deep State is not inclined to topple their King, whisper they resign, and they definitely will not shake our hands. The Deep State, in its arrogance and foolishness is going to insist we play out every move left to them in hopes that Team Trump makes some catastrophic mistake. Here is a hint, Trump will not make such a mistake.

I also learned that the Queens Gambit is one of the oldest opening strategies in the history of the game. It is an opening strategy by the white teams to basically surrender a pawn to open the middle of your opponent’s defenses for attack. At the time of it’s creation it was seen as a bold and aggressive move with incredibly successful results. What made it so effective is that you force your opponent to either accept the trade off or defend it, and in either case the advantage goes to white. This is so Trump-esque that Trump deserves his own opening strategy. You see, it is easy to see that Trump gave up a white pawn (or white house…lowercase w and lowercase h) to open the middle of the Deep State for attack. Let me be the first to say it, January 20th was the culmination of Trump’s opening strategy…Trumps Gambit! Having declared victory in the cyber war in December and Trump having caught them ALL, all Trump had to do was make his first move on the chess board….and it was over.

So here we are, almost 10 months removed, and the resident is still occupying the White House. What is going on? The game is over and they lost, right? Yes, they did lose, but the Deep state will not topple Biden, they will not whisper “we resign”, and they certainly will not shake our hands and go quietly into obscurity. So, we are left with playing out the moves that Trump already knows are being played until there are no more moves to make and no more black pieces left. Thanks to Trump’s Gambit this game of chess was over almost before it began.